I was introduced to the Python community at my first job in 2008, and the Python language and community have affected my career tremendously. I got back from PyCon US last weekend and saw the fantastic work the community does to support the language. The Python Software Foundation (PSF) is the non-profit that promotes and advances the Python programming language, and many of its members are unpaid volunteers.

The PSF helps a lot of individuals with grants, promotes events, supports and maintains Python infrastructure (e.g., python.org, PyPI, docs), and other initiatives to advance the Python language. I was supported by the PSF when I worked on pip during the Google Summer of Code 2010. The PSF accepted my proposal to work on pip and got me three amazing mentors (Ian Bicking, Carl Meyer, and Jannis Leidel). I also got help from Steve Holden, previously chairman and director of the PSF, who wrote me a recommendation letter confirming my contributions to the Python ecosystem.

All the help from individuals affiliated with the PSF helped advance my career, and I have decided to support the PSF with annual contributions. Thank you for the great work, PSF!

The PSF needs your contributions too

If the Python community has helped your career in any form, please consider supporting the PSF. You can make a one-time donation, become a supporting member by donating $99/year, or dedicate time to projects and events. For US taxpayers, contributions are tax-deductible. If you’re not ready to donate, you can still become a basic member for free and declare your support for Python and agree to its code of conduct. For more information, check the Donations and Membership pages.

How to become a supporting member

There are different ways to support the PSF, and I think the easiest way is to become a Supporting Member by donating $99 annually (the membership is valid for 12 months).

Follow these steps to become a supporting member, even if you’re already a basic member:

  1. Go to https://psfmember.org
  2. Click Create a new account
  3. Fill in the form and click Create new account
  4. Confirm the email you’ll receive after creating the account
  5. Go back to https://psfmember.org and click Join the PSF
  6. Fill in the form (it’d be great if you can select Supporting - Yearly Renewal)
  7. Click Confirm Subscription
  8. Confirm the info is correct and click Continue
  9. The website will take you to a PayPal page where you’ll select the payment method
  10. You’re done! Thank you for supporting the PSF!

PSF Supporting Member

Note: The PSF is working on reducing the friction to become a supporting member.

PSF Q2 2019 Fundraiser and PyCharm licenses

The PSF is running its Q2 2019 fundraiser and needs help to reach its goal of $60,000 by May 22. You can donate directly or purchase a PyCharm license. The PSF partnered with JetBrains to get you PyCharm at 30% off and all the money raised will go toward the PSF fundraiser (valid until May 22, 2019). Visit https://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm/promo/support-python/ to purchase a license (you should ask your employer to purchase it for you).

I use PyCharm daily, and YipitData is paying for my license ($62.30 after the 30% discount and before taxes).